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Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding for Corrosion Resistance

Laser cladding an Atlas Copco Jumbo hollow
hydraulic tube with SS431L to reduce corrosion -
for use in underground mining

Laser Cladding Services, Perth can offer a range of metal powders such as Inconel 625 or Hastelloy C-276, as well as Stainless Steel powders, that when laser clad onto the base material will provide a totally nonporous and impenetrable barrier against harsh corrosives. Laser cladding is weld overlay using a high powered laser as the heat source, it is fully metallurgically bonded to the base material, providing a superior product compared to metal sprayed components. In addition, the extremely low heat affected zone produced by laser cladding ensures minimal change to the parent metallurgy and significantly reduces the risks of heat related component failures in operation.

Laser Cladding for Wear Resistance

DTH Hammer Barrel hard faced with 60% tungsten
- handles in excess of 25,000 metres of drilling





Laser cladding with high-alloy powders such as Stellite produces a much finer grain structure and a harder and tougher overlay than the same alloys applied by conventional welding methods such as PTA or GTAW. Laser cladding with tungsten carbide in a suitable matrix produces an almost indestructible outer layer against the most abrasive wear environment. Laser cladding is ideal for restoring worn out drilling tools with an extremely hard and long lasting clad outer layer. DTH Hammer Barrels traditionally were metal sprayed, which would only last a few hundred metres, but barrels laser clad with 60% Tungsten last in excess of 25,000 metres.

Other Laser Cladding Applications

Laser cladding on the worn stub shaft
of a Rake Classifier Gearbox Crank Arm

Precision application of cladding materials by laser cladding makes dimensional restoration of service-worn components easy. With extensive in-house machining capabilities, Laser Cladding Services can restore even the most worn out components back to original dimensions, as well as giving the majority of repaired components and extended life span. See Laser Cladding Services Capabilities for full details of our in-house machine shop.

A wide variety of components can be laser clad. All are fully finished machined components that have seen many months or years of service, and have worn out on their seal or bearing journals, usually the wear is very minor, but is enough to make the shaft no longer usable. By laser cladding the worn journal, the components can be quickly put back into service, increasing the parts life cycle and significantly reducing maintenance costs. Laser clad components do not distort during the cladding process, do not require any post weld stress relieving, or hardening & tempering. The low heat input, shallow heat affected zone (HAZ) and low dilution means that after laser cladding all that is required is finish machining on the clad area only, back to the original dimensions.

Laser cladding Sizer Shafts on the damaged coupling journals, and worn bearing and seal journals

Please feel free to contact Laser Cladding Services to find out how we can help you save time and money on your maintenance or refurbishment projects.

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