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Laser Hardfacing

Ball Mill Wear Flange laser hardfaced
with 60% tungsten matrix

Laser Cladding Services, Perth offers cost effective laser hardfacing solutions that provide high toughness protection for components that are exposed to severe wear applications - tungsten carbide composite overlays are regularly used to protect drilling and mining components, such as laser hardfacing of Hammer Barrels & Drive Chucks. Cobalt-based alloy overlays defend against particulate erosion and cavitation in high-pressure pumps, valves, and turbines.

Laser hard faced DTH Drive Chucks
Laser hardfacing with high-alloy powders, such as Stellite 1, 6, 12 and 21 will enhance the wear properties of components and in almost all cases increase the service life between hardfacing re-application. Using a Tungsten Carbide Matrix with 60% Tungsten will also be beneficial in increasing wear resistance and component life span, as it produces an almost indestructible outer layer against the most abrasive wear environment.
DTH Hammer Barrels laser hardfaced with 60% tungsten
Capable of in excess of 10,000 meters of drilling
Ball Mill Wear Ring laser hardfaced with 60% tungsten

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